Pink Shrimp (1)

There are over 3,000 species of shrimp. However, only four are considered sustainable. Pink shrimp is one of them. Pink shrimp are also called ocean shrimp or Pandalus Jordani scientifically.

Pink shrimp are usually found in the North Pacific Ocean, especially from southeast Alaska to California 370 to 460 below the ocean surface. The abundance of pink shrimp lives in well-defined areas called shrimp beds, green mud, mixed mud, and sand bottoms.

Most catches of pink shrimp are done in Oregon, North California, using cone-shaped otter trawls that do not scrape the seafloor to fish diverse shrimp species. Near pink shrimp catch areas, there are biologically sensitive species like canary rockfish, boccaccio, widow rockfish, and yellow rockfish. However, there are no reports considering the significant interactions between the pink shrimp fisheries and endangered species in California. By regulating to use the appropriate gear and closing some areas to trawling, vulnerable habitats will be protected.

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