Pink Shrimp (2)

The abundance in the population depends on the seasons, which is challenging to calculate the stock biomass estimation; however, due to pink shrimp’s fast growth in cold water, its stock is assumed to be stable, not overfished, and above target population levels. Therefore, scientists keep researching the pink shrimp population dynamics. Pink shrimp fishing season lasts from April to October. Fishers will target pink shrimp one two years old and catch in the daytime between 90 to 180 meters for commercial purposes.

Products from pink shrimp are primarily cooked and peeled, whole raw, or cooked in fresh or frozen form. The product form should also be considered when we purchase shrimp. We should avoid shrimps that smell like ammonia and have soft shells. Wild shrimps may have cleaner, sharper, and more flavor than farmed ones. If the shrimps are not wild, we should look at the packages to make sure the shrimps are highly qualified. Also, depending on what dishes we make, we will choose the size of the shrimps and head-on or head-off ones. Besides, although black ends of the shrimps’ fins are thought to be a bad signal, this coloration is often covered up by sodium tripolyphosphate that is very healthy.

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