Pink Shrimp (3)

I believe that paying attention to where the shrimp we consume is coming from is highly important, especially because it is one of the most popular seafood in America and its hight demand continues to grow. Restaurants and their employees should be a lot more informed and aware of how their seafood sources are being caught, instead of just worrying about the kind of seafood based on the size, quality, and taste. According to the Inland Ocean Coalition, the shrimp industry greatly contributes to the bycatch problem. For each pound of shrimp being harvested in the ocean, up to 20 pounds of non-targeted marine life is being killed and discarded. The majority of fishing vessels in America use trawl nets and cause a lot of damage to our ocean and other species. The shrimp sources we should definitely avoid are from the following countries: Argentina, China, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nicaragua. All shrimp that is caught with skimmer trawls anywhere in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico except Florida should also be avoided. The best choice of shrimp is the Giant Freshwater Prawn located worldwide on indoor recirculating tanks. However, if we’re not sure about the species, where the shrimp is from, and how it was caught or farmed, we should look for the shrimp that has been eco-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Naturland and Best Aquaculture Practices. 

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