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Hello folks! You can call me tree. I just record what my daily is going to be. Stay tuned.

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Pink Shrimp (4)

According to what I read about Whiteleg Shrimp, the best choice is the one farmed in the U.S. using the method of indoor follow-through raceway, on ponds, or the one farmed worldwide in an indoor recirculating tank. Since the employee of the restaurant that you asked mentioned that the Whiteleg Shrimp they get might be … More

Pink Shrimp (3)

I believe that paying attention to where the shrimp we consume is coming from is highly important, especially because it is one of the most popular seafood in America and its hight demand continues to grow. Restaurants and their employees should be a lot more informed and aware of how their seafood sources are being … More

Pink Shrimp (2)

The abundance in the population depends on the seasons, which is challenging to calculate the stock biomass estimation; however, due to pink shrimp’s fast growth in cold water, its stock is assumed to be stable, not overfished, and above target population levels. Therefore, scientists keep researching the pink shrimp population dynamics. Pink shrimp fishing season … More

Everything is evanescent in this world

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      1. Life is too short not to grab for what your heart desires and it isn’t over until it is. One can educate themself if conventional programs are, for the moment, un-obtainable but there is always a way. Math has always been my nemisis, she says though she’s completed numerous courses in statistics, back while completing requirements for the Masters in Psychology program. Today, I am surrounded by nature, across the road is a river, there are vineyards, orchards, areas of pines where large families of owls dwell, a waterfall… it’s a small village but its the home of my heart. All the best.

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